Wasps are dangerous pests that can put your family and pets in harm’s way. An average of 72 people are killed each year by wasp attacks. The best way to protect your household is to know the signs indicating a wasp infestation at your home.

The warning signs can help you determine when to hire wasp control services to remove the wasps from your home and keep them away. The experts can facilitate professional wasp removal to provide peace of mind for your children and pets.

If you’re seeking home safety tips, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn about the five signs you need to hire pest control today!

Swarming Wasps

Swarming wasps indicate that the wasp nest has progressed into an infestation. Seeing a wasp here and there is no cause for panic, but frequent swarms can mean a large nest on your property.

Wasps leave the nest during daylight hours to seek food. You can follow their flight path to discover the nest. Use caution, as wasps will attack if they feel threatened.

Chewed Wood

Another sign to watch for in and around your home is chewed wood. Some wasp species chew wood to create a pulp for future nest construction. It’s one of the first wasp infestation signs you’ll notice.


It’s easy to chalk up chewed wood as a sign of rodents or termites in your home, but it’s a mistake to rule out a wasp nest. The wood will continue taking damage until you schedule professional wasp removal for your home.

Active Wasp Nest

An active wasp nest is a sign you need to hire wasp control services ASAP to get the infestation under control and protect your household. Many nests will continue growing over time, with spring being the primary season that queens build nests and begin laying eggs.

Nests can resemble paper balls or gray basketballs with holes in the bottom. Call or visit website to schedule an appointment with a professional pest control expert.

Wasps Inside the Home

If you leave windows and doors open when the weather is nice, wasps can enter your home. If you notice frequent wasps in your house, it’s a bad sign.


Wasps enjoy making nests in crawl spaces, attics, and walls. Call the wasp control experts if you’re spotting more wasps in your house.

Buzzing Noises

Wasps tend to make a tapping or buzzing sound when constructing a nest. It’s a bad sign if the buzzing sound is coming from within your house, and it’s a sign you should hire pest control for professional wasp removal.

Hire Wasp Control Services Today

Noticing the signs of a wasp infestation is a call to action to contact and hire wasp control services for your household. Wasps inside the home and buzzing sounds are wasp infestation signs.

Chewed wood indicates that a wasp species is using wood pulp to create a new or larger nest. Swarms are another sign you must schedule professional wasp removal to protect your house and family.

Protecting your home is essential to helping maintain its value and ensuring your family’s safety. Explore our Around the Home content for more guides and advice on home improvement today!

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