The seventeenth draw of the European Football Championship is just a little bit away. Are you waiting for the upcoming matches and eager to bet via Rabona Scommesse Sportive? Then you should definitely watch these movies.

The Class Of ’92

This is a film not only about how Manchester United gambled on young players in the 1990s and became the most successful club in Europe. Through the prism of football, the directors introduce the viewer to England after Thatcher’s rule and to the reality in which the then very young Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, and the brothers Gary and Phil Neville grew up as athletes and young people.

Even if a visitor to the Rabona sports betting site knows the history of Manchester United by heart, they shouldn’t rush to conclusions. Directors Benjamin and Gabe Turner don’t retell well-known events but skillfully integrate them into the historical context. The biopic turned out to be really exciting.

Take The Ball, Pass The Ball

Even those who aren’t interested in football and have never tried Rabona sports betting have heard the names of Messi, Henry, and Xavi. After watching the documentary, you will find out who these athletes are and why they consider Barcelona to be the best club in the world.

One of the most complete stories about the history of the Spanish club. This is an exciting story about how Barcelona gave the world one of the most spectacular football matches and how coach Pep Guardiola created a team that won 14 trophies in four years.

Becoming Zlatan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known not only for his talent for throwing in a sharp phrase but also for his brilliant play. No wonder he is one of the most unpredictable and skilled strikers of his generation and one of the most expensive players of our time.


The movie will tell viewers how Zlatan “played his way” to such a life: about the start of his career and the sports career of the great football player. The movie turned out to be almost allegorical. There will be no comic book biopic; instead, the story of one person is told with love and attention to detail.

Diego Maradona

Documentary film about the life and career of one of the greatest footballers in history, the Argentine striker Diego Armando Maradona.

Thanks to a huge archive of video materials, the film creators tell about the brightest period in the athlete’s life. In the 1980s, he conquered Europe, and by the middle of the decade, he found himself in the Italian Napoli, where he reached the peak of his form, twice led the club to the championship, and won the World Cup with the Argentina national team.

When Saturday Comes

Jimmy lives his life to the fullest: he works at a brewery and spends his evenings with friends at the pub. But his main joy in life is playing football for the local amateur team.


Jimmy would like to become a professional football player, but this requires discipline and stability. And yet, the hero gets his chance. Thanks to a new acquaintance, he gets to watch one of the English teams.

I Believe In Miracles

The film is based on the book of the same name by Daniel Taylor, the chief author of the football column in the Guardian. This is a step-by-step and interesting story about how Nottingham Forest first became the champions of England and then won two European Champions Cups and the UEFA Super Cup.

There is no Robin Hood in the film, but there are a lot of sports pictures and a fascinating entourage, which will amaze Rabona sports betting members. Johnny Owen managed to shoot the story of the rise of “Nottingham Forest” so that it is impossible to tear yourself away from it.

One Night In Turin

For many, the face of British football is its fans. Noisy, pugnacious, and, frankly, showing England in the sports arena not from the best side.

Until 1990, the situation was catastrophic. Hooligans practically destroyed the reputation of the UK national team. But everything changed at the World Cup in Italy, which showed the world how the British know how to play.

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