The lemon brown, or Bali-scented yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) is a songbird found in the jungles of central and eastern India. It’s about 13cm long with a 2.5cm tail which makes it one of the smallest birds in its genus

Lemon brown is a type of drink that is made from lemon juice, sugar and water. It is popular in North America and Europe. Greg has mentioned that he drinks it because it tastes good.

How does lemon brown threaten Greg? |

Lemon Brown threatens Greg with a blade “sharp enough to chop a week into nine days,” as he puts it. Brown can’t help but use such an engaging, hilarious description, even when he’s wielding the razor to threaten another person. The reader knows that Lemon Brown is an elderly guy from the narrator’s description.

In light of this, how did Greg come to meet Lemon Brown?

Lemon Brown meets Greg. He was an elderly guy with a “halo of crinkly white hair and whiskers” around his black wrinkled face. He was dressed in a layer of filthy jackets, loose knee-length leggings, and a rope around his waist. He wore filthy shoes and had rags wrapped around his legs.

What does Lemon Brown’s narrative teach Greg about his own father, for example? Greg wants to play basketball, but his father advises him to focus on his studies. Greg has a deeper understanding of his father because to Lemon Brown’s narrative. Greg is more concerned with basketball than with his studies. When he meets Lemon Brown, he discovers that in order to be successful, he must attend school.

One can also wonder why Lemon Brown asks Greg whether he knows his Pappy.

Lemon Brown’s Hidden Treasure “If you know your pappy did anything,” Greg is shown to be grateful that his father is concerned about him. Lemon Brown now recognizes that Greg is not out to take his riches and that he can trust him since he helped defend him from the bullies.

Why does Greg decide to keep Lemon Brown a secret from his father?

Because he rushed up to begin studying in order to escape his father lecturing him and telling him that he was correct. “If you know your pappy accomplished something, you know you can do something too,” Lemon Brown adds.

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What is the story’s central topic, Lemon Brown?

The idea of ‘The Treasure of Lemon Brown’ is that everyone has a treasure or something special to them, and it doesn’t have to be worth a lot of money. It might be a connection or a sentimental item, such as old newspaper clippings or a harp, that reminds a person of someone significant.

Why is Greg so depressed at the beginning of the story?

Why is Greg so depressed at the beginning of the story? He is disappointed because he got he got kicked out of basketball and he is failing math.

What did Greg take away from his encounter with Lemon Brown?

Greg learns to cherish his connection with his father via his friendship with Lemon Brown, and he learns that his relationship with his father is a treasure. “All I know is that I overheard him talking about some type of treasure,” Greg overhears them remark.

In the story The Treasure of Lemon Brown, what is the conflict?

Because of his grades, the thugs breaking into the home with Lemon Brown and greg, and Lemon Brown threatening greg, Geg’s father won’t allow him play basketball.

Lemonbrown treasure is what it sounds like.

Walter Dean Myers is the author of this piece.

Greg slips out from his building in “The Treasure of Lemon Brown,” and when a severe storm strikes, he has no choice but to go inside an abandoned building that is Lemon Brown’s home. Lemon’s prized possession is a harmonica that he used to play with his kid. After he shows Greg his prized possession, he gives Greg Lemon leaves for St.

What happens at the end of the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

The climax occurs when Lemon Brown reveals Greg his treasure, and Greg learns how important his family bond is and how much his father loves for him. He wishes for his kid to work more in school and to have a better career than he does.

What happens to Greg and Lemon Brown’s friendship during the story?

PART A: What happens to Greg and Lemon Brown’s friendship during the story? Greg and Brown look out for one another by the end of the text. Greg and Brown develop a father-son relationship. Greg and Brown learn to tolerate each other.

What does lemon brown tell about Greg’s background to him?

Lemon informs Greg about his previous achievements as “Sweet Lemon Brown – Blues Singer and Harmonica Player,” for which he was well-known. He had a wife and a kid, but when his wife died, his son was taken in by his sister-in-law. After then, Lemon didn’t see much of him.

In The Treasure of Lemon Brown, what is the author’s point of view?

The narrator is an outside observer who can see into the brains of all the characters in the third-person omniscient point of view. An outside observer, a third-person restricted narrator is likewise an outside observer, but this point of view concentrates on one character’s visions, thoughts, and feelings.

What did Lemon Brown offer his kid to demonstrate to him that he could be whatever he desired?

ANSWER: Greg didn’t go home when it began pouring because he was having troubles with his parents, according to Lemon Brown. As a result, he demonstrated his treasure to Greg in order to educate him that a treasure might be whatever a parent wishes to pass on to his son.

Lemon Brown stopped singing the blues for a reason.

He stopped singing the blues because he didn’t have a reason to perform when Jesse died, so he quit.

In The Treasure of Lemon Brown, who is the antagonist?

Greg appears throughout the novel, and he is the main character. Now, his father is an Antagonist and a Flat Character since you don’t see him in the whole narrative, he isn’t mentioned in the entire plot, and he doesn’t change during the novel.

Why is the tenement building lemon brown?

Why is the tenement building lemon brown? He is hiding from robbers. He is waiting for Greg. He is homeless.

What changes in Greg’s attitude during the narrative The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Greg is a dynamic character since his viewpoint shifts from beginning to conclusion of the novel. How does Greg Ridley’s perspective toward his own father alter after meeting Lemon Brown? Greg discovers that his father wants him to succeed in life, and that this is the gift he is receiving.

When Greg’s father had to drop out of school, how old was he?

When Francois Pinault, the creator of the luxury brand Kering, was 11 years old, he dropped out of school to work in his father’s log factory.

Why does Greg grin at the prospect of his father giving him a lecture?

Greg grins at the conclusion of “The Treasure of Lemon Brown,” because his treasure is his father’s love, which he expresses via lectures asking him to try harder to be a better person. His father’s lectures remind him that as he grows older, he is expected to accept greater responsibility for himself and his actions.

What does Greg’s attitude toward his father and lemon convey about his personality at the start of the text?

Greg’s comments to both his father and Lemon demonstrate his stubbornness, as he thinks that individuals with greater life experience can genuinely understand him or provide him with good information.

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