Social media is a phenomenon that defined and shaped the beginning of the 21st century. Initially developed to stay in touch, it quickly evolved into powerful advertising platforms that enable brands to target their audience with impressive precision. Social media like Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) allow brands, online casinos included, to play by their own rules. Yet, how do UK’s leading casino operators¬†benefit from their social media presence?

Building Brand Awareness One Post at a Time

Advertising is nothing new, yet social media lets brands take control over their image like no other tool. On top of that, compared to newspaper ads and TV commercials, the costs are drastically lower. Although there are claims of Facebook being in full control of the marketing algorithms, the fact remains that a Facebook ad costs a fraction of an ad one would pay for a television commercial.


Not only is social media cheaper, but it also gives the new casinos operating online greater autonomy on how they can build their brands.

By consistently repeating the key messages, casinos increase brand awareness and slowly gain followers. Additionally, online casinos can use social media to comment on hot topics and raise social awareness on certain issues. In the age of social media and streaming, TV ads have become a cost very few are willing to pay.

Opening Doors to New Promotions

Social media also turned out to be the perfect tool to transform the leads into deposits. Promotion programs by casino sites are often announced on social media. Plus, it is no secret they love to publish exclusive bonus codes on Facebook and Instagram. Social media platforms are also a suitable way to announce competitions or organise giveaways.

By leveraging the power of social media, casinos can easily increase their presence, attract new users and reward those who interact with the content they publish on their profiles.

Community Begins Online

Some say social media is dying. Others claim it is only configuring, trying to adapt to the needs of Gen Z. Whatever the truth may be, the era of followers and their feedback is not over yet.


It is where marketers can listen to the heartbeat of their audience and get instant, authentic and uncensored opinions on everything the brand does and offers. By fostering the dialogue with players, online casinos deepen their loyalty to the brand, especially when the social media team knows how to tackle online trolls and provocative questions.

To effectively stay afloat and not bore players, online casinos must use social media not only as platform ads but also as content platforms. They must be an extension for the casino site, and provide additional value that will make every like and every comment worth the effort.

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