Paris is sure to be the perfect host - and you can be too

It has already been a superb year of sport – and we are barely halfway through. The Super Bowl was one to remember and we have also enjoyed the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and soccer’s European Championship. There is more to come, and that does not even take into account America’s favorite summer pastime, Major League Baseball.

But 2024 is particularly special, as it is an Olympics year. Even those of us who are not as into watching sports 24/7 can get excited – and probably a little more patriotic – at the thought of watching some of the finest athletes on the planet competing for the ultimate prize, a gold medal.

If you are considering betting on the games you may want to check out Everygame sportsbook and research the athletes and sports (some you may not have even heard of before). But you will also want to catch as much of the action as possible. There are so many events to watch that staying at home is probably the best way to go about things – but how do you make your house Olympics ready?

When is the Olympics?

The 2024 games will start with the always eagerly anticipated opening ceremony from the Jardins du Trocadéro and the River Seine in the center of Paris at 19:30 CEST on Friday, July 26th. The grand event will finish two and a half weeks later, with the closing ceremony on Sunday, August 11th, at the Stade de France.

There will be some kind of sporting event every day of the games, and no one expects you to watch it all! But the Summer Olympics is a great excuse to dip into TV sports, rather than marking the calendar for specific events. Of course, there are some high-profile highlights, but our advice is to just go with the flow.

Not a One-Off

When it comes to ensuring your home is ready for the Olympics, that idea of it not being a single event is very important. If you were getting ready to host a Super Bowl party you would know that the game is on a particular day, at a particular time, and everything should be focused on that.

With the Olympics, you need a much more laid-back approach to planning (which we understand may be difficult for the ultra-organized among you!). It doesn’t mean you will operate an open house for the duration. But you must be ready if and when people come over – or even if the family decides it wants to take in the beach volleyball.

Remember the Occasion

As you are essentially inviting family and friends to visit throughout the two and a half weeks of the event, you may be unable to pinpoint when your guests will arrive. But we suggest holding a big show at the opening ceremony. It is the traditional grand start to the Olympics and can be celebrated that way.

Aside from allowing for a surge of national pride for all your guests, the opening ceremony feels like a time to remember. So why not think about marking the occasion? Set up a photo shoot area of the room with typically Parisian props – or, if you are a little more tech-minded, hang up a green screen to digitally edit later to show Paris backdrops such as the Arc de Triomphe or Eiffel Tower.

Family Friendly

You can’t really plan a family-friendly free-for-all without actually expecting your friends not to turn up with their little ones. This is more of a social occasion, so many of the adults won’t be 100% focused on the actual sports—so you definitely can’t expect the kids to be engrossed with what’s on the TV.

So, if you don’t want friends leaving early or your favorite household items to be trashed, you should consider what the children can do. If the weather is good, a series of outdoor activities, including paddling pools and sprinklers, are great. An indoor room can also be provided for the children to relax and play in so everyone has a good time.

Simple Snacks

If you have read an article on “how to get your house ready for the Super Bowl,” you will have noticed that a lot of attention is paid to what you offer in the form of food and drink. Apart from a few more out-there suggestions, the answer is usually simple snacks that can easily be eaten standing up.

Getting the sound and vision right is crucial

This is also a good rule of thumb for hosting a month-long Olympic party. You don’t want to have to make extravagant dishes for your guests – and they will all be happy with the basics, too. Make sure you have a lot of ice on hand for drinks, and maybe think about a few nation-inspired drinks and dishes for the big events.

Sound and Vision

Although you will want the whole of your house to be as accommodating as possible, it is the sound and vision elements you need to be perfect. The TV may be playing almost in the background as your guests catch up, but it will still be the room’s main focus, so you need to get it right.

You should ensure that you have the biggest screen possible, so everyone can see at the busiest times, and positioned well to avoid any chance of glare. If you have always wanted to invest in surround sound speakers, now is the time, as it will ensure that everyone knows what is happening, wherever they are in the room or house.

Don’t Stress the Mess

Our final advice is not to worry about your home becoming rough around the edges. If you are committed to opening up your house for the duration of the Olympics, you will likely experience a few breakages along the way. This is not a time to be too precious about things.

Even if you are concentrating on the big events, such as the opening ceremony, you should understand that your role as host does not include getting people to clear up after themselves. Enjoy the occasion, and don’t stress the mess. You can always check out one of our other home-style idea articles after the Olympics has finished to turn your house back to normal.

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