While playing MLB The Show, you might come across various symbols on the game screen. Here is an attempt to identify some of those symbols with their meaning.

MLB the Show Symbols

Blue Line – A fielder’s range. The larger the blue line, the longer the fielder is able to reach for a ball. A small blue line means that there are likely double plays in the making so be aware of runners on base and who they might affect or threaten to steal bases.

Running Line – Either an outfielder running towards a base or a runner running towards home.

Green Line – The hitter’s power zone. If the green line is present, it means that this hitter may have some extra oomph! behind their swing. Look for them to try and hit balls thrown here.

Ball w/ Dot(s) – This tells you where a ball was thrown. A single dot means it was thrown on the ground, two dots mean thrown in the air and not caught, three dots would represent a line drive or fly ball.

Runner – This shows where runners are at along their journey through bases. Green means they’re flying around the bases while red means they’re hurt and trying to limp back to base.

Red Circle – The batter’s hot zone. If the red circle is present, it means that this player is in “the zone” so to speak where they are seeing balls thrown very well and hitting them extremely well.

Power Meter – This meter determines how much power a hitter has behind their swing. Orange indicates where the hitter is at on power. A full orange circle means they are strong where as an almost empty circle means that the hitter has little power behind their swing.

Strike, Ball, Ball w/ lines – This tells you what type of pitch was thrown to a hitter. A line through the ball would indicate that it hit the ground, no line indicates it was a ball, and a line through the strike would indicate that it hit the bat.

Strike Out – This tells you what happened to a hitter when they were at the plate. A white circle means it was a regular strike and not swung at and two red circles mean this player struck out (was swinging and missed).

Player’s Face – This gives you a quick look at how happy or sad this player may be feeling. If the circle is white, then they are happy while a red circle indicates that they’re not too happy with what’s going on in the game.

Red Faced w/ Sunglasses – The batter hit one over the fence for home runs so there are only positives in their life right now. Ultimately, the player is happy with how things are going.

What are the Different MLB The Show Symbols for?

The symbols that get displayed during MLB The Show games are there to give you a sense of what’s going on, or about to go on in any given situation. Sometimes the symbols just mean that something is happening and do not mean anything specific but other times they can give you an idea if a pitcher has control issues, or if a hitter may be coming out of their slump.

How Do I Find All of MLB The Show Symbol When It’s Dark?

It might be possible that you get into a game and do not see any symbols or if you do, they’re dark or hard to make out what they are. To change this, press start on your PS3 controller and go down to options. From there, go over to settings and find the “Display” section. In here, select the “Player Symbols” option under the “Advanced Options” section.

Now, all of the symbols should be visible and noticeable during your MLB The Show games!


So there you have it, a complete MLB The Show symbols guide for new players so that you always know what’s going on and understand the game of baseball better. As time goes on and you play more MLB The Show games, the symbols should become second nature and you’ll know them in an instant when their displayed. You can also check back here for any changes or updates we make to this article!

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