The Japanese studio-based independent film and television company AXL has announced its latest project: a new original anime series, entitled “Morning Show Mysteries.” The eight-episode mini-series will be directed by Tomoya Takashima (Tetsuko no Tabi – Life Goes On) at the relatively young studio Yumeta Company. Original character design will be created by the prolific Ai Yazawa, who is also known for her work on Paradise Kiss, Nana, and last year’s adaptation of Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story).

The story follows a shy young man named Satoshi Takamizawa and his motley crew of newspaper delivery boys, who attempt to solve minor and largely humorous mysteries at their local high school.

morning show mysteries cast

Morning Show Mysteries will star Yumiko Kobayashi (Kaleido Star) as Miyuki Fujimura, Satoshi’s love interest, Reiko Suzuki (Gantz) as Sakura Hasegawa, Satoshi’s friend and manager of the school newspaper club, and Hiroshi Yanaka (Gegege no Kitaro) as Iijima, Satoshi’s teacher and advisor of the school paper.

Backing up the cast will be Nao Oikawa (Honey and Clover) as Mitsuko Kawai, Satoshi’s mother; Kenta Miyake (Samurai Champloo) as Michio Umeda, a fellow bike-delivery boy; and Kiyoshi Katayama (BECK – Mongolian Chop Squad) as Ena Komiya, another bike-delivery boy who becomes Satoshi’s rival for Miyuki’s affections.

Morning Show Mysteries is a new show on CBS that has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

There are rumors that it might even replace How I Met Your Mother or Two and a Half Men. The show is based around the daily lives of Satoshi Takamizawa (the main character), his family and friends, and their experiences with “mysteries” every morning. Each episode has some clues to a new mystery for them to solve. It’s a comedy/slice of life anime with some romance as well as the occassional drama and action episode.

The show follows the morning show crew as they solve crimes and mysteries.

Main characters:

Satoshi Takamizawa- A delivery boy who is very shy and tries to avoid drastic changes in his life. He has a crush on Miyuki Fujimura, the weather girl of the morning show. He is very logical and smart and often helps solve the mysteries with his friends.

Miyuki Fujimura- The weather girl of the “Morning Show Mysteries” TV show. She is very talented and hardworking. Satoshi has a crush on her, but she doesn’t seem to notice that he’s even alive…

Sakura Hasegawa – A bookworm who makes the newspaper club during Satoshi’s 1st year at school. She falls in love with Satoshi…

Ena Komiya – A bike delivery boy who is also in love with Sakura. He will do whatever it takes to win her heart, even if that means sabotaging Satoshi’s reputation or work. He is very wealthy and has the latest technology at his disposal.

The cast includes many well-known actors and actresses, including Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson.

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