Since 1992, PDF has allowed people to share documents that are safe and hard to manipulate. It is easy to read and share or print PDFs, and this has meant great popularity for the brand. However, splitting or editing them is not simple. You might want to remove some pages because they are not relevant or want to make the document shorter. Different techniques allow you to achieve this and create PDFs with relevant information.

Delete PDF Pages Online

Apps allow you to do anything, and you can use them to delete pages from PDFs. Some of the apps are free, but others are paid. No matter what version it is, you can use it to split PDFs in an instant. They let you delete a whole page or just part of it. The online option is one of the easiest ways to split pages. The simple steps include the following. Search online for a PDF splitter or converter app. Most of the apps are multipurpose. You can use them to convert, split, and save your files.

Splitting PDFs provides users with the capability to control their documents in any way. Having learned how to extract pages in Adobe, the next challenge could be understanding how to select certain pages in PDF. By default, the hand tool appears once a PDF is opened. To export pages from PDF, users need to select them. The Selection tool allows selecting part or multiple parts of the document. To extract pages from PDF, open the Select tool. Press and hold the mouse. Drag the mouse while still holding it to select all the pages you want. After selecting the pages to extract, click on the Extract icon. All the targeted pages will be split. Save the new document to complete the process.


● Open the app. Nearly all online PDF splitters require users to open an account, including the free ones. To be able to remove pages from pdf online, create an account and provide the information needed. If it’s a paid app, part of the information includes your payment option. Ensure the platform is safe before giving detailed payment data.

● On the splitter page, click on the upload icon. It may read as a select PDF. Open it and follow the prompts to find the PDF location and upload it.

● Indicate the page numbers of the page/s that you want deleted. You may also directly select the pages on the platform.

● Save the new document. The app will split the document in no time. Save the new document and continue working on it, or share.

Use Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat DC is a split PDF that lets you delete or separate pages in multiple ways. It allows you to rearrange pages into different orders or delete some of them. You can use it to rotate or insert new pages after deleting others. Splitting PDFs with Acrobat DC is easy.

● Open Acrobat DC. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can download it online. Follow the installation prompts to the end.

● Next, identify your target PDF. Open it in Acrobat DC. To do this, right-click on the PDF file. On the menu that opens, navigate to the Open With icon. Select Acrobat.

● Once the document opens, navigate the icons and select Organize Pages. Another menu will open. Scroll down to find the Split icon and open it. A prompt will appear on the screen showing the split options. You may choose to split one or more than one file.

● Once you choose your option, type the name of the new file and save it. You will be prompted to choose a location for saving the file.

● Allow splitting by clicking on the OK icon. Next, confirm that you want to split and then finish.

Use The Preview Icon On The Mac

The Mac operating system features a PDF viewer known as Mac Preview. It allows you to view and print or edit PDF files on MacBook. It takes a few steps to delete or split PDFs in Preview.

● Identify the file that you want to split/delete.

● Right-click on it. Check the options and select Open with Preview. Under the toolbar, navigate to find the View tab. Ensure the thumbnails are well displayed.

● Choose the targeted pages and create another document.

● Once you select the pages, drag and drop them onto the desktop.

● Save the new PDF.


PDF documents can be lengthy or contain pages with irrelevant information. You can delete or split the pages you don’t want. Several methods allow you to achieve this.


You may opt to use an online app to split your PDFS. You may also choose to use Adobe Acrobat or the Preview icon on Mac. After splitting, save the new file to avoid losing it once you close the computer. We hope this guide will make your PDF experience better and easier.

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