One of the things that makes betting on tennis so attractive is the wide range of possible tennis bets. Bookmakers offer countless bets on every WTA or ATP tournament and the slams, but what do all those tennis betting options mean, and where can you make good money with a non GamStop bookmaker? We explain it on this page of our Tennis Betting Guide and also give you some guidelines to make better predictions.

Gambling on Tennis Tournaments at Non GamStop Betting Sites

Tennis is a sport that enjoys great international interest, and a lot of bets are placed on it worldwide. After football, tennis is even the most popular sport to gamble on. Some bet on their favorite players, and you can find great value there. Especially in the initial phase of a tennis tournament, when the lesser-known players are still in the game, the odds can sometimes be skewed, even though the outcome of a match is often quite predictable. So you can earn good cash in those early rounds.

Predicting Winners

Betting on the winner of a tennis match is the simplest type of tennis bet. You must try to get the best odds available. Compds are offered by the various non-GamStop bookmakers, and they decide where to bet.

Once we get further into a tournament, the odds will become closer together and things will become more tense. But here, too, you can still make a good profit; you just have to do a little more research in advance.

Predict Tennis Match Winner

As mentioned, predicting the winner of a tennis match is simple but very popular. In tennis, it is not possible to indicate a draw, whether a player wins the match or not.

Before you place your bet, it is useful to check a few things. For example, check the players’ recent form – has it been easy for them lately or has every victory been a struggle?

How Did the Previous Matches Go?

Then also check how previous matches went. Even though some opponents appear to be of a lower level at first glance, their playing style can bother the favorite – with surprising results.

If you know these things in advance, you can benefit enormously and find fantastic value, particularly in set handicap or game handicap betting. With these types of tennis bets, you give a certain player a virtual lead or disadvantage to get better odds.

Tennis Court Surface

Furthermore, the surface on which tennis is played plays a major role. For example, serving is an important part of grass (a fast surface). Gravel is the slowest surface, and hard courts are considered average. Every player has preferences, and every player’s playing style suits one court better than another. Keep that in mind when placing your bet.

Different Types of Tennis Bets at Non GamStop Betting Sites

There are more possibilities with gambling on tennis than you think. Non GamStop bookmakers offer many options to bet on. Below, we will discuss the most common types of tennis bets with you. Those are:

Simply predicting the winner of a tennis match: what should you pay attention to?

● Tennis combination bet: get better odds by combining some bets

● Outright betting tennis: predicting an outcome

● Set Betting: Excellent for finding value

● Tennis handicap betting: give a player a virtual lead or disadvantage

● Tennis Over/Under betting: predict a certain number of sets or games

● Predicting final results in tennis: attractive but risky

● In-play betting on tennis: betting while the match is in progress

Combo Bets

Since a draw is impossible in tennis, the odds for the favorites are often low. To get better odds, consider combining bets into a combo bet. Do your research to be as sure as possible about your picks. A combination bet always entails a bit more risk.


With a tennis combo bet, you select at least two or more players who you think will win the match. All your selections form one bet on your betting slip. To win the bet, your predictions must be correct. There is more risk but higher odds because the odds of your picks are multiplied together.

Of the different types of tennis bets available, multi-betting is a particularly popular option in the early rounds of a tournament. The top players often meet unknown opponents against whom they are usually heavy favorites to win. The odds in such cases could be more interesting. Combination bets are often made to get better odds during these types of matches.

Outright Betting

The term outrights is often encountered in sports betting. It refers to predicting the winner of an entire tournament or competition. Outrights are often available well in advance from non-GamStop bookmakers. The odds are usually very attractive, but remember they appeal for a reason. Predicting a final winner involves more risk than predicting the winner of a single tennis match. For example, a player must first win seven matches to win a grand slam.


Tip: In tennis, lots are always drawn to determine who will be each other’s opponents in a tournament. After the draw, look at who you could meet in the schedule. This way, you can determine which players have good value. A lesser player who draws favorably can stay in the tournament long!

Betting on Sets

By betting on sets, you predict a match’s final outcome. You have a huge advantage if you know more about the players. For example, you can predict the winner of the first set if you know, that a heavy favorite (and therefore low odds) usually starts quite slowly at the start of a tournament, or vice versa. This is one of the types of tennis bets where you can find value!

You can bet on sets in different ways. With most tennis non-GamStop bookmakers, predicting whether a player will win the individual first, second, or third set is possible. But you can also predict the final score and even the correct score within each set. For the latter, all possible combinations are available. From the odds, you can see which outcome is most likely according to the bookmakers without GamStop.

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