Cooking Fever is a popular game with players around the world. Players choose from several recipes, then match ingredients and cook to earn XP for levels. The level of each recipe determines who gets access to what dishes first- making this an interesting strategy for those seeking higher differentiation among friends or rivals.

The “cooking fever restaurants easiest to hardest” is a question that is asked often. The answer depends on the level of cooking fever and the time spent playing.

What level in cooking fever gives the most XP? |

The Cooking Fever levels with the greatest earnings and XP points are shown below. High XP levels may help you level up more quickly and earn gems more quickly. When it comes to level length, Cafe Mexicana and Corn Dog Van are the best, but Thai Food Stall and Sirtaki Taverna provide the most XP.

As a result, how can you quickly get XP in Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever rewards players with Experience Points (XP). can be obtained through:

  1. In Restaurants, serving clients.
  2. Kitchen and interior items are being upgraded.
  3. Achievements are being completed.
  4. Performing responsibilities at the Restaurant

Also, which Restaurant in Cooking Fever is the best? Return to the Ultimate Strategy Guide for Cooking Fever

Restaurant Cost Daily Earnings
Diner with Indian Cuisine 15000 points plus 30 gems 900
Pizzeria 15000 points plus 30 gems 879
Bistro with Seafood 50 gems + 25000 918
Cafe for breakfast a total of ten thousand dollars plus twenty jewels 960

I’d also want to know how many levels there are in cooking fever.

40 levels

How can you triumph in a game of cooking fever?

Game Tips for Cooking Fever

  1. Play the Casino every day at the 500-coin level until you earn 15 gems after you’ve unlocked it.
  2. Every 24 hours, each Restaurant you own will also reward you money.
  3. Each time you level up in the game, you’ll get 7 jewels.
  4. When it comes to interior renovations, just use coins.

Answers to Related Questions

What exactly is the difficulty of cooking fever?

To take part in the cooking fever challenge, go to To win, players have 87 hours to gather 15 puzzle pieces and put them together to make the picture of a jewel.

Which Restaurants have automated cookers in the Cooking Fever?

Automated Food Preparation Systems

Restaurant Description Available
Hell’s Kitchen is a fictional setting set in New York City. Tuna Cooker on Autopilot Level 27
Ice Cream Shop Waffle maker that is fully automated  
Restaurant serving Mexican cuisine Meat mincer that is fully automated Level 27
Waffles at Sunset Waffle Maker (Automatic) Level 27

In Cooking Fever, what are accomplished tasks?

Tasks. Tasks are game-created objectives that reward players with experience points (XP) and currency when achieved. Each restaurant location has its own set of goals. The amount of jobs you accomplish is also included into the total completion percentage for each restaurant.

In Cooking Fever, how do you get inside the restaurant?

Cooking Fever takes place mostly at restaurants. There are 40 levels in each restaurant. Except for the Fast Food Court, players must acquire a certain level of experience to access restaurant locations. Unlocking additional eateries also necessitates the use of coins and gems.

In Cooking Fever, how can you obtain three stars?

Instead, focus on just passing all the Restaurant levels first. Then go back and make any gem item upgrades as needed. Your Restaurant will earn a higher Daily Earnings if you complete more levels. You can increase your Daily Earnings later by replaying all the Restaurant levels to get 3 stars in each.

How often do you have a chance to win diamonds in cooking fever?

Every time you collect coins from a consumer, you get XP. 4) At the Casino, you may win up to 15 gems every day (or twice if you play often).

What does XP stand for in the context of cooking fever?

Cooking Fever Experience Points (AKA – XP) are points earned as you go through the game and obtain more experience. At the upper right of the screen, your degree of experience is listed. This is also true.

In Cooking Fever, how do you cheat casinos?

Fever for Cooking At just 5 efforts, I was able to win 15 gems in the casino. No root, no hack. Originally published on July 22, 2016.

  1. To open the Casino, just click on it.
  2. To place a 500-bet wager, use the 500-bet button.
  3. BEFORE the wheels finish spinning, close the Casino by pushing the ‘x’ button.
  4. Return to the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the gems are won.

Cooking Fever is a sort of game.

Nordcurrent’s Cooking Fever is an engaging time management game. The objective of the game is to prepare a variety of dishes at various restaurants in order to become the finest chef in town. To keep the game exciting and difficult, there are over 100 different ingredients to choose from, as well as a number of settings and cooking techniques.

Is it possible to play cooking fever on a computer?

Cooking Fever is an android game that can also be played on a Windows laptop computer or tablet.

In the cooking fever casino, how can you earn diamonds?

How to get 15 gems in Cooking Fever’s Casino.

  1. To open the Casino, just click on it.
  2. To place a 500-bet wager, use the 500-bet button.
  3. BEFORE the wheels finish spinning, close the Casino by pushing the ‘x’ button.
  4. Return to the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the gems are won.

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