One of the biggest myths in food and drink is that a single shard falls at a certain reading level. This myth has been around for centuries, but there are many reasons why it’s not true.

A single shard lexile level is a reading level that is used to determine the difficulty of a text.

What reading level is a single shard? |

The Solitary Shard

Level of Interest Reading Comprehension ATOS
4th – 7th grades 4th – 10th grades 6.6

What is the genre of a single shard, too?

Fiction set in the past

What is the topic of a single shard, as well? Themes. Even though they live on the streets, Tree-ear and Crane-man follow a code of honor: foraging in the forests and garbage heaps, picking falling grain-heads in the autumn—these were dignified methods to get a meal, demanding time and effort.

So, how many pages does a single shard contain?


In a single shard, how many chapters are there?


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What happens when a single shard is broken?

The narrative of a twelve-year-old kid growing up in Ch’ulp’o, a twelfth-century Korean town, is told in A Single Shard. He is known as Tree-ear, after a fungus that develops “without the aid of parent seed.” He and his rescuer, Crane-man, live under a bridge and eat rubbish heap leftovers.

What is the location of a single shard?

Tree-ear, an orphan named after a fungus that develops without a parent seed, is introduced in Park, Linda Sue’s Newbery Award-winning book A Single Shard. In the story, he lives with Crane-man, a physically crippled man, in a little village in twelfth-century Korea.

When was the first shard released?

23rd of April, 2001

In a single shard, who dies?

Crane-man is the orphaned main character Tree-father ear’s in the novel A Single Shard. Despite having to eat scraps to survive, the two live beneath a bridge together, and Crane-man teaches him never to take from others.

In a single shard, what is the source of conflict?

The fundamental tension in A Single Shard is the struggle amongst the potters in the hamlet where the protagonist, Tree-ear, lives. When it is revealed that a royal envoy would award special commissions to the most talented potters.

In a single shard, who is Kang?

Kang, another Ch’ulp’o potter, produces shoddy work but invents an inlay method that enables him to make striking pictures on his ceramics. As a result of this development, he gets some respect and a one-year royal commission. Tree-ear and Min, on the other hand, think Kang’s work is inferior.

Is it possible that a single shard contains a real story?

Although A Single Shard is a work of fiction, it is based on real events and facts. View photographs and learn more about the story’s veracity.

In a single shard, who are the major characters?

Characters of Interest

  • Tree-ear, Crane-man, Min the potter, and Min’s wife are the characters in this story.
  • Tree-ear is an orphaned adolescent whose parents died of a very infectious illness.
  • Crane-man is an elderly gentleman with a damaged leg.
  • Min is a well-known and well-known potter in Ch’ulp’o, maybe the greatest in the whole hamlet.

A Single Shard was written by who?

Park, Linda Sue

What is the origin of the moniker Crane Man?

Tree-ear received his moniker because his ears resemble the wrinkled mushrooms found on decaying trees, according to the story. We also discover that he is an orphan who lives with Crane-man beneath a bridge. Crane-man gets his moniker from the fact that he can only stand on one leg, like a crane, and must use a crutch to walk.

What is a single shard’s climax?

Tree-decision ear’s to make the voyage to Songdo or perish attempting is the climax of A Single Shard. This is something I’m going to do for Ajima. The emissary offers Min a commission for the emperor, which is a falling action.

What does the term “tree ear” mean?

noun. Auricularia auricula is a thin, stemless, rubbery, edible fungus that grows on trees.

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