Smart technology makes life more convenient. You can remotely control lighting, thermostat, surveillance cameras, and even laundry appliances through your phone. Whether at work or running an errand, your smart home technology makes you aware of what’s happening in your home.

What Smart Home Technology Brings to Laundry Rooms?

In most homes, laundry rooms have an array of roles. Besides being a utility room, it becomes a storage center for pet facilities and other cleaning equipment. There are two things homeowners are excited about when they install smart home technology in their laundry room: leak detectors and smart laundry appliances.

Leak detectors have been popular not only in laundry rooms but also in laundry services. It is common for laundry hoses and connections to develop leaks, creating significant damage behind the appliance.

Besides the leak detectors, there are smart washers and dryers that you can connect to your smartphones, and it gives real-time notification. It signals when the load in the washer or dryer has ended. This simple solution helps you focus on other tasks and prevent moldy laundry smells.

Things to Know More About Smart Washer

Basically, a smart washer is a laundry appliance that has an added feature; it can connect to the Internet or a smart home network. It operates differently from traditional washers. Besides the mentioned feature that it can connect and send notifications to your phone, smart washers have a feature that allows you to put in the details about the clothes you are washing and recommend the best cycle for your laundry load.

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So, if you are preoccupied with other household chores, you can leave your laundry in the washer and set it to the best-recommended wash cycle. You do not have to wait for it, as the washer notifies you through your phone that it is ready for drying. Smart washers not only give you more time for other household chores but also ensures that your clothes are in good form.

Do You Need a Smart Washer?

Now, you might be contemplating whether you need a smart washer. This actually depends on the budget and lifestyle you have. Although a smart washer is a necessity, this could also be a luxury for most. The price of a smart washer depends on the brand and model but ranges from 800USD to 2,000USD, or even more.

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Although it is a catch that smart washers have self-diagnostic features that help alert or notify you about repairs and recommendations, its expense could be more expensive than the traditional washers if the problem is its sensors.

Final Takeaway

Smart technology has promised several benefits for homeowners, especially those living alone. It gives a level of convenience over conventional laundry appliances. However, its common drawback is the cost and potential risks of having a smart washer. So, if your wallet is not yet ready, then it is probably better to stick to laundry delivery services.

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