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Virtana is a company that provides artificial intelligence-driven monitoring software to help manage multiple cloud environments. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides an AI-driven approach to cloud management, which helps companies quickly identify and address issues in their cloud environments. The company recently raised $73 million in Series B funding to expand its capabilities.

This article will discuss the benefits of using Virtana’s software to manage multiple cloud environments.

Overview of Virtana

Virtana is a cloud service provider specialising in high-performance software to help manage multiple cloud environments. They offer a unified platform designed to give customers the power and agility to take advantage of today’s most advanced cloud computing capabilities. In addition, it helps organisations easily launch and easily manage applications, services, and storage across enterprise systems.

Virtana’s software offers an intuitive user interface for efficient deployment of multiple cloud environments including private clouds, hybrid clouds and public (SaaS) clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In addition to these features, Virtana provides extensive analytics packages for users to monitor performance across all their deployed VMs in real-time.

The Virtana platform is secure, agile, cost-effective and reliable. It has built-in tools that enable businesses of all sizes to safeguard their mission-critical data while eliminating single points of failure within their multi-cloud environment infrastructure allowing them to maintain peak performance at all times. In addition, for the best possible user experience, Virtana also offers:

  • Consulting services
  • Full 24/7 support staff
  • An additional layer of assurance that can be customised to meet customer’s specific needs whenever they require assistance with managing business resources throughout their multi-cloud journey.

How Virtana’s software helps manage multiple cloud environments

Virtana’s software-defined cloud solutions enable organisations to rapidly scale, optimise and manage versatile cloud environments from a single source of truth. With our portfolio of platforms, you can create elastic IT infrastructures that dynamically change in response to changing needs without requiring additional capital expenses or long-term commitments.

Virtana’s Cloud Control allows customers to monitor key performance indicators seamlessly, including efficiency metrics and usage across multiple clouds, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The platform also enables the efficient reporting of billing charges and provides the ability to identify any abnormal utilisation standards that might require investigation to ensure best practices.

Furthermore, Virtana’s software provides comprehensive cloud migration capabilities that include:

  • Resource tagging for automated cost optimization.
  • Predictive analysis using machine learning algorithms.
  • Security patching monitoring.
  • Auto scaling for database clusters.
  • Snapshots for data protection.
  • System health checks.
  • Comparison reports on resource optimization efficiencies via multiple baselines.
  • Audit log access for tracking changes over time.

This helps organisations minimise their costs while ensuring enterprise-level reliability and scalability.

Virtana, which provides AI-driven monitoring software to help manage multiple cloud environments, raises $73M

Virtana provides AI-driven monitoring software to help manage the performance, cost, and security of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Their software has become increasingly popular for businesses seeking to optimise their cloud environments, and has recently raised $73M in funding.

There are many benefits of using Virtana’s software, which we’ll discuss in detail in this article.

Automated monitoring and alerting

Automated monitoring and alerting are important components of managing multiple cloud environments. Virtana’s software solution helps organisations gain oversight and control by enabling them to set up, manage, monitor and respond to events from multiple sources in one Centralised Portal.

The software has cloud analytics metrics that detect performance issues, security threats, policy violations and more.

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It also generates intelligent alerts tracked in the centralised portal for insights into the root cause. With this data-driven approach organisations can proactively address incidents before they become major risks or disrupt the business operations.


  • Virtana’s software: A comprehensive cloud management platform that provides unified visibility and control over multi-cloud resources.
  • Cloud analytics metrics: Analyses key performance metrics, such as usage trends, operating conditions, cost predictors and security concerns across multiple cloud deployments.
  • Centralised Portal: An enterprise dashboard that gives users real-time visibility into their multi-cloud environment with customizable views.
  • Alerts: Notifications triggered by conditions set by organisations to detect potential problems promptly.

Easy scalability

Virtana’s software offers easy scalability for any organisation that manages multiple cloud environments. With our software, you can quickly expand and scale your environment to your desired usage level. In addition, we provide the tools and resources necessary to ensure a smooth transition and keep up with any changes in demand or traffic.

Our platform offers automated provisioning and responsive infrastructure which simplifies the scaling process. Additionally, our experts have years of experience managing large-scale clouds and can advise on optimal strategies and common issues encountered when scaling cloud processes.

Virtana’s software allows you to enjoy maximum efficiency within a secure and cost-effective architecture while still being able to respond quickly when customer demand increases or changes.

Cost savings

Virtana’s software offers organisations a multitude of cost savings benefits. Its Hybrid Cloud Manager platform simplifies cloud management, enabling organisations to identify and optimise workloads running in multiple public cloud environments. Automation capabilities allow DevOps teams to focus on more value-added tasks, which can lower the cost associated with platform maintenance and data centre operations. Additionally, organisations can employ automation techniques to scale their resources up and down, depending on demand. This means they only pay for the computer they require when they need it – enabling greater cost savings than traditional approaches.

Another cost savings benefit lies in Virtana’s enhanced ability to monitor and analyse resource usage to identify time- or money-saving opportunities (e.g., switching to cheaper pricing options or using spot instances). By utilising Virtana’s suite of tools and services, companies can look for ways to reduce their spending across different IT domains – which is especially beneficial at times of uncertainty or financial hardship.

Features of Virtana’s Software

Virtana offers AI-driven monitoring software to help manage multiple cloud environments. In addition, this software provides features that improve cloud infrastructure performance while optimising costs. This includes automated scale-up and scale-down features, real-time insights, cost optimizations, and more.

Let’s delve deeper into the features of Virtana’s software and how it can help manage multiple cloud environments:

AI-driven insights

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Virtana’s software provides AI-driven insights into cloud environments. Our platform scours your resources in the public cloud and in all private clouds to identify anomalies and answer your toughest infrastructure questions.

For example, our AI-driven insights can detect overly long resource and user account provisioning times or alert you when certain trends are detected in VM performance. Additionally, this feature uses auto-tuning capabilities to optimise resource utilisation and will factor-in historical or predictive performance data to manage your resources better. This capability is especially beneficial when managing complex cloud environments at scale.

We also offer forecasting capabilities for cost updates through fine tuning EC2/ECS Instances and SaaS subscription trend updates with cost analytics optimization.

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Furthermore, compliance validation and reporting enables security teams to quickly review entire clouds for policy constraints specific to each organisation’s needs. Projects across multiple cloud environments become easier with automated deployment through an integrated DevOps pipeline for CICD automation processes.

Automated compliance

Virtana’s Software automates regulatory compliance in cloud-based environments and prevents non-compliant behaviours that can lead to fines and sanctions. With these features, you can avoid operational disruptions, regulatory scrutiny, and other internal or external compliance issues.

Automated compliance provides you with a complete view of your infrastructure by flagging anomalies in security posture and policy adoption within the different AWS accounts associated with your deployment. In addition, the automated processes flag any abnormal changes to server configurations or how your environment is used.

The automated compliance feature simplifies monitoring of regulations related to

  • access controls,
  • encryption standards,
  • logging requirements,
  • auditing techniques,
  • and other security measures.

It ensures cloud deployment activities comply with industry standards such as SOX and PCI DSS. This helps minimise liability due to breaches and assures that security audits comply with developed policies created by the organisation’s governance team.

You also have direct access to features that provide pre-defined compliance templates in AWS Security Hub for use out of the box. Hence, there is no need for manual configuration effort or code maintenance. In addition, this enables continuous auditing of systems against established industry standards while helping maintain compliance objectives across multiple cloud environments in real time.

Predictive analytics

Virtana’s software provides predictive analytics capabilities to help identify and diagnose potential problems before they occur. The platform determines the health and performance of your cloud environment in real time and provides information on trends and patterns for proactive decision-making.

The data collected by the platform can also inform forecasting models, predicting future needs for increased resources or capacity changes to preemptively resolve any potential issues. With predictive analytics, Virtana’s software can proactively detect anomalies in the system, alert you to performance issues, optimise infrastructure utilisation, improve service availability, and ensure cost-efficiency.

Recent Funding

Virtana, a startup that provides AI-driven monitoring software to help manage multiple cloud environments, recently announced that it had raised $73 million in Series C funding.

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The funding will help the company continue to develop and offer its software to customers.

With this funding and the growth of cloud computing, the company is well positioned to provide customers with the most innovative, cloud-based management solutions.

Overview of Virtana’s recent $73M funding

Virtana, a leader in enterprise cloud visibility and management solutions, recently announced that it has closed a $73M Series B funding round. This new funding will help accelerate Virtana’s global expansion, support its long-term product innovation strategy and enhance its sales organisation to drive ongoing customer adoption.

The Series B financing was led by Tenaya Capital, with participation from existing investors including Access Industries and DTCP. The leadership team at Virtana is proud to leverage this latest investment to further its mission: enabling organisations of all sizes worldwide to securely transition to cloud-centric infrastructures that are cost-effective and operationally efficient.

Founded in 2014, Virtana uniquely monitors workloads across multiple cloud environments (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform), delivering full observability, automated diagnostics and coordinated response capabilities for customers’ entire networks — enabling DevOps teams to more quickly identify issues and take corrective action in order to maintain optimal performance.

In addition to providing leading IT observability solutions through their software platform called Virtana Cloudsight™, they also own the industry-standard Catapult service assurance solution the company acquired in 2019 which provides customers with integrated analytics over multiple data sources throughout their technology stack delivering real-time visibility into the health of an environment’s applications. These solutions help companies maximise application performance and implement best practices for secure operations.

Virtana currently serves over 500 organisations worldwide, including Fortune 500 clients across every major industry – from telecommunications companies such as PT&T Philippines or Telefonica Chile -to consumer packaged goods provider Procter & Gamble or technology giants HPE & Dell EMC.

How the funding will be used

Virtana recently announced it has secured a $35 million Series B funding round, which will be used to expand the company’s product offerings and market presence. Virtana is paving the way for enterprises as they embark on their digital transformation journey by providing cloud infrastructure management software that enables organisations to seamlessly manage and optimise their multi-cloud environments.

This funding will accelerate product innovation and further investment in research and development, allowing Virtana to expand its software suite for hybrid cloud management and analytics. Additionally, the funding will enable Virtana to extend sales, marketing and customer support capabilities to better meet the demands of current customers while also expanding into new markets worldwide.

Specifically, investing in research and development has enabled Virtana to bring new product innovations like platform monitoring capabilities to support users’ Hybrid IT performance needs. With this additional funding, monitoring multiple cloud deployments across numerous environments becomes more efficient as Virtana’s software allows users to collect details from multiple public cloud providers in one place for easier analysis. Furthermore, due to its enhanced integration with its partner network of service providers’ technology stacks, customers can scale quickly no matter where they are or how complex their hybrid cloud environment may be.

By combining a comprehensive software platform with best-in-class services, Virtana hopes to help enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformation journey while optimising costs associated with multiple cloud deployments by providing increased visibility into hybrid IT performance at scale.

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