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Kaiyo is a secure and convenient way to buy, sell and store pre-owned furniture. Through the Kaiyo marketplace, you can easily find second-hand furniture in great condition that matches your style at a fraction of the cost.

Our platform takes the guesswork out of buying used furniture by providing transparent marketplace information such as product condition and delivery information. And with our smart scheduling technology, we make sure your purchase arrives just when you need it. Furthermore, our cutting-edge storage and inventory management help ensure secure fulfilment of orders from sellers you trust.

So no matter what stage of life you’re in, Kaiyo can be your go-to for stylish home furniture without breaking the bank.

Overview of Kaiyo

Kaiyo is an online furniture marketplace that has recently raised $36 Million in Series B to accelerate its expansion, Led by Edison Partners. This investment will help Kaiyo to expand its offerings and reach a wider customer base.

In this article, we will discuss how Kaiyo works and the various benefits it offers to its users.

What is Kaiyo?

Kaiyo is a technology platform transforming how people buy, sell, and experience pre-owned furniture. The patented process that begins with verified high-quality used furnishings sourced from an extensive network of trusted sellers all over the country, to expertly packing and transporting your home’s most important assets to pristine white glove delivery, followed by our team of highly skilled craftsmen performing final touch ups before installation.

Kaiyo brings convenience, control, quality assurance and trust to pre-owned furniture. With customers at its core, we’re redefining the secondhand furniture industry through complete transparency and modern customer experience. Our suite of services connects you with every step and part of your purchase — from sourcing furniture to getting it delivered straight to your door in as little as 48 hours — no hidden fees included or extra pieces you don’t need. In addition, we guarantee that our prices are comparable if not always lower than going directly through a major retailer or third party reseller (in most cases up to 50% off). Plus our pro installers ensure you have everything ready on time without any headaches. So rest assured; when ordering used furniture online with Kaiyo it’s always worry-free shopping.

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How does Kaiyo work?

Kaiyo is an online consumer resale platform that makes buying and selling pre-owned furniture easy. Our mission is to enable people across the globe to revalue their furniture and to spark a new appreciation for home furnishings regardless of where they came from.

Kaiyo is unique among consumer resale platforms because it combines the convenience of online shopping with the helpfulness of a professional white-glove mover and delivery service. Here’s how our system works:

1. Shop: Browse hundreds of pre-owned pieces on Kaiyo, from bedroom sets and couches to individual ottomans and armchairs.

2. Purchase: Buy your furniture with our secure payment system, using PayPal or major credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.

3. Delivery: Our professional movers will pick up the piece from its current owner and deliver it directly to you within days (or even hours). We also offer additional value-add services like white glove assembly on selected items for an additional fee.

4. Enjoy: Kaiyo ensures your purchase arrives in excellent condition so all you have to do is enjoy! We also offer helpful advice on material care with our complimentary warranty package – ensuring you get years of life out of your favourite pieces at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new.

Kaiyo’s Series B Funding

Kaiyo, an online furniture marketplace that makes buying and selling second-hand furniture easier, recently raised $36 million in a Series B funding round, led by Edison Partners.

This new funding will help accelerate growth and expansion of the business, securing the future of this online furniture marketplace.

In this heading, we will look at how Kaiyo works and why it was able to raise such a large amount of funding.

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Overview of the Funding

Kaiyo recently announced its Series B funding round of $20M led by Khosla Ventures with participation from Zigg Capital, Hunger Capital, Honeycomb Ventures, and others. This fundraising round took Kaiyo’s capital raise to just over $41M.

These funds will not only enable the company on its mission of providing an innovative way for people to rent and share furniture assets. Still, they will also provide capital to accelerate product development, build customer relationships and unleash customer growth.

This financing follows an equally successful Series A raise in 2018, allowing the company to bring its Marketplace Platform technology to market. This proprietary Marketplace Platform lets customers quickly list furniture for rent or sale through a secure marketplace that matches supply with demand for sharing economy engagements. As a result of these efforts, ShareMyFurniture™ can now provide people across the US access to their desired products with convenience and peace of mind – any place, any time.

Impact of the Funding

The Series B funding received by Kaiyo in 2019 was a major milestone and is sure to have a positive impact on the company’s operations, not least of which was the new influx of capital that allowed Kaiyo to continue its mission of creating innovative solutions to help people make better use of their used furniture.

The added funding has enabled the company to expand its global reach and bring its services to more customers worldwide. This expansion of services enhances the customer experience with online furniture auctions, instant pricing, and convenient delivery options. Due to this increased investment, the faster delivery times, improved search functions and expanded selection are just some improvements customers have experienced.

In addition to growing its customer base, Kaiyo has also been able to invest in further technological innovations that enhance their platform’s user experience – such as mobile apps for tracking purchases across multiple platforms and making faster payments. Such enhancements provide consumers convenience and additional ease-of-use when buying or selling second-hand furniture through Kaiyo’s marketplace.

Furthermore, this additional funding provided an opportunity for Kaiyo to further solidify its presence in key areas such as Asia Pacific markets by establishing local partnerships dedicated towards providing more localised shopping experiences with better tailored services loyalties programs exclusive loyalty rewards and increasing accessibility via customised websites specific regional languages.

By leveraging the latest technology trends and responding rapidly to customer feedback, Kaiyo is continuing improving processes across all aspects from production through order fulfilment – delivering value that customers recognize and cherish in exchange for their trust allowing them to focus on what matters most: helping people find quality pre owned goods for a fraction of their original price so they Can live smarter live better and make their homes truly their own!

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Online Furniture Marketplace Kaiyo Raises $36 Million In Series B To Accelerate Expansion, Led by Edison Partners

Kaiyo, an online furniture marketplace that raised $36 million in Series B venture capital funding led by Edison Partners, is accelerating its expansion plans.

The company, founded in 2017 to make buying and selling pre-owned furniture easier, is now bolstered by the funds to continue its mission.

Let’s look closer at Kaiyo’s expansion plans and how they will use the new funds to achieve them.

Overview of Expansion Plans

Kaiyo is a technology company that operates across multiple markets including publishing, travel and event planning. The company is well-positioned for global expansion and has developed several key plans to continue growing its business. These plans aim to generate more user engagement and streamline operations, while ensuring that customers receive the highest quality products.

The company’s overarching plan focuses on increasing customer acquisition and retention while optimising efficiency. This involves developing better systems to organise and track customer data, growing the user base through targeted campaigns, improving supply chain efficiency, and expanding into new markets.

Additionally, the firm is focused on improving user experience by introducing helpful tools which help save time spent searching through information or interacting with large amounts of data. For example, Kaiyo has developed an interactive website which allows users to perform various tasks related to booking hotels or flights in just a few steps—making it easier for consumers to get ahold of their desired package without hassle or confusion.

Finally, Kaiyo is also looking for new partners to help them leverage different technologies or further extend their reach into new markets. The partnership will involve cooperating with other companies through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions strategies, and leveraging newly available technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) based applications for dynamic pricing strategies to undercut the competition in their target markets. By taking advantage of these opportunities, Kaiyo will position itself as an authoritative leader in multiple industries worldwide.

Impact of Expansion Plans

Kaiyo is rapidly growing and expanding in both the United States and abroad. The company plans to add additional centres of operations throughout the world. This allows them to increase their presence and ultimately create more opportunities for employment and economic growth in the communities they serve.

Expanding into new markets also brings with it new challenges for Kaiyo. As they build out these sites, they must find creative ways to reduce their impact on local resources and the environment. They are committed to sustainable development practices, such as reducing energy consumption, recycling materials whenever possible, and limiting their carbon footprint when building new facilities.

It’s also critical that Kaiyo works closely with local governments in areas where they plan to expand their services. By ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and taking into account cultural sensitivities of operating within a new market, Kaiyo can properly establish itself while providing a pathway for long-term growth without disrupting existing markets or industries too much in the process.

These expansion plans will continue to have a lasting impact on Kaiyo’s current operations and future ventures. With diligent leadership focused on sustainability and long-term success, Kaiyo is poised to become a leader of industry change by carefully planning its expansion projects into new markets worldwide.

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