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Are you looking to expand your e-commerce services? SoftBank-backed travel tech startup Yanolja has acquired Korean e-commerce company Interpark, which could revolutionise the industry.

This acquisition could change how we shop and travel — and open up a world of business possibilities.


Yanolja Holdings Co., Ltd. has agreed to acquire Interpark Corporation, a leading South Korean e-commerce platform. This acquisition is expected to greatly expand Yanolja’s capabilities in the e-commerce sector and further strengthen its position in the market.

Through this transaction, which both companies approached, Interpark will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Yanolja. Under the terms of the agreement, Interpark will continue to operate independently with its existing assets and staff as part of Yanolja’s group structure. The management team and operational structure of Interpark will remain largely unchanged and there are plans for collaboration between Interpark and Yanolja on technology development.

Combining Yanolja’s accommodation OTA capabilities and the established e-commerce platform expertise at Interpark is expected to create a comprehensive offering across different verticals including travel content, booking services, product sales and more. In addition to increasing market share through increased product offerings, it will also allow them to provide enhanced customer centricity with an integrated service suite that caters to each customer’s needs.

The companies anticipate completion of the transaction by end September 2020, pending regulatory approval from relevant authorities in South Korea.

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Background of SoftBank-backed travel tech startup Yanolja

Founded in 2016, South Korean travel tech startup Yanolja is backed by SoftBank’s Vision Fund. The company has built and grown an integrated online and offline platform that allows consumers to book everything from hotels, luxury resort condos, campsites and more.

Combining booking services with additional lifestyle services such as food delivery and pet care, Yanolja has become the largest travel services platform in South Korea.

With this acquisition of Interpark, Yanolja expands its e-commerce capabilities by leveraging Interpark’s extensive reach in domestic and international markets.

This enhanced value proposition positions Yanolja as the leading platform for all lifestyle services through its mobile app offering.

Overview of Korean e-commerce company Interpark

Interpark is a leading e-commerce company in South Korea that operates an online marketplace and is the exclusive operator of an online travel service and accommodation platform called Interpark STAY. The company was founded in 1999 and has steadily expanded its product selection, customer base, and services.

Interpark provides customers with the best experience by focusing on creating a strong basis for internet shopping with its various merchant networks, payment systems, and preventative measures against fraud. Its product offerings range from apparel to books and games to electronics, resulting in over 5 billion monthly products available for purchase. Interpark also provides a safe user experience with its sophisticated Security Protection System which helps to protect personal information while also providing financial benefits.

The company also operates Interpark STAY, South Korea’s leading online accommodation platform, providing customers with expertly managed properties across the country while streamlining the booking process with one-click checkout, payment options at check-in, and cancellable reservations system and more.

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Reasons for the Acquisition

Yanolja’s acquisition of Interpark is part of the company’s move to expand into the South Korean e-commerce market. South Korea is one of the world’s largest online markets, and the acquisition will give Yanolja an established platform to launch its services in that country. In addition, creating a larger entity resulting from the merger will allow these two companies, each with expertise in their respective industries, to benefit from and complement each other’s strengths.

Yanolja and Interpark bring different resources, goals, and competitive advantages to their new partnership. Interpark’s well-developed logistics network in South Korea allows for more efficient delivery services for customers across a wide range of retail categories. Additionally, Interpark brings valuable relationships with local businesses such as KIA Motors and Hyundai Motors Group that would not be available without the merger.

Meanwhile, Yanolja has strong positions in providing leisure content services globally as well as allure applications including room reservations which can help strengthen Interpark’s existing online tourism business while also leveraging its existing customer base in South Korea to increase sales leverage through marketing efforts tailored gives them an advantage over competitors like Coupang who focus on on-demand delivery services only. Finally, Yanolja will also benefit from acquiring valuable consumer behavioural data Insights through their combined operations, which they can use to better serve customers and execute targeted marketing campaigns with higher conversion rates going forward.

SoftBank-backed travel tech startup Yanolja acquires Korean e-commerce company Interpark

With the acquisition of South Korean entertainment giant INTERPARK, Yanolja can add a comprehensive suite of e-commerce capabilities to its repertoire. The combined entity can sell a wide range of digital products and services, including online ticketing and product/service distribution networks. This allows them to further expand their reach within the Asian market while at the same time providing a greater level of customer convenience.

In addition, the acquisition allows Yanolja to enjoy higher levels of user engagement due to enhanced market access that may include content such as music, sports and other entertainment-related events that were not previously available through their platform. Additionally, more efficient advertising activities will further boost customer satisfaction due to improved visibility.

Overall, this acquisition presents significant opportunities for Yanolja as it strives for continued growth in the increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape.

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Implications of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Interpark is part of Yanolja’s strategy to expand its e-commerce capabilities and offering. As a result, the combined company will have access to more than 35 million customers across Korea and China, signifying a significant increase in market size.

The acquisition also brings with it additional synergies that are available to Yanolja. For example, Interpark’s considerable know-how in dealing with large vendors such as LG Uplus for telecom services will allow Yanolja to address issues surrounding inventory and payment time frames more effectively. In addition, Interpark’s expertise in finance will help Yanolja reduce costs related to sales administration, invoice management and customer service activities.

Finally, the acquisition of Interpark also allows Yanolja to tap into the valuable knowledge and experience of their existing team members. This should result in an overall increase in productivity for the combined entity by allowing them to use existing internal resources instead of having to hire additional personnel or learn new practices on their own. In addition, by bringing in experienced professionals familiar with the local market dynamics, effective strategies can be developed quickly and efficiently that take advantage of all available resources.

Future Outlook

The acquisition of Interpark marks a significant milestone for Yanolja in the e-commerce and digital services market, as Interpark is one of the largest e-commerce companies in South Korea. With this acquisition, Yanolja looks to become one of the top players in the market, providing customers with a wide range of services through its integrated e-commerce platform.

Yanolja has stated that it plans to improve its core service capabilities from both companies and expand into new markets. For example, it hopes to become the leading player in South Korea for digital services. In addition, it aims to become an international leader for places like Japan, China, Southeast Asia and North America by leveraging Interpark’s wide network of partners and brands.

Aside from expanding its business operations globally, Yanolja has also expressed that it wants to focus on creating innovative digital solutions. As such, it will improve customer experience by creating services tailored to their needs through artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and machine learning technologies.

Yanolja’s acquisition of Interpark signals an exciting future for the company. Through this merger, Yanolja is well-positioned to dominate the Korean digital services market while expanding its global presence with innovative technological solutions catering to customers’ needs.

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