When it comes to space arrangement, many believe that trifles cannot play a crucial role. They say that if a space is comfortable to navigate and all the basic things can be easily accessed, then there’s no need to struggle for more. But have you ever thought about how you can achieve comfort in wayfinding without proper interior signs? That is what we would like to explain to you from the perspective of public spaces. Let us get down to business!

Providing Information About Basic Conveniences

When people get into a new place, they might feel uncomfortable to ask strangers where the restroom is located. Managers of public facilities, like restaurants, hotels, schools, medical centers, etc., have to ensure every visitor will be able to answer this question on their own. That is why public spaces should be equipped with restroom signs. If there are separate rooms for men and women, this should be specified on a sign using internationally recognizable symbols. If not, just use unisex restroom signs, which you can buy at Bsign Store.

Ensuring Safety

Keeping safety measures in place is one of the most important requirements for public spaces. Interior signs are the means that help to improve the efficiency of the place safety system. Here are some specific types of signs to deal with that function:

  • Directional signs: Imagine when a fire occurs. People get disoriented and do not know where the exit is. This leads to panic and crowd cramming. All these unhappy outcomes can be prevented if directional signs are used properly. This will not eliminate the panic completely, but at least a share of visitors won’t get disoriented and won’t contribute to the mass anxiety.
  • Fire extinguisher signs: Some emergencies can be quickly eliminated if people have access to the necessary means. Fire extinguisher signs can help either employees or visitors quickly locate such means. Moreover, fire extinguishers may also be helpful to emergency responders.
  • “Staff only” signs: Door plates that inform about authorized access only are necessary for places where unauthorized access by ordinary individuals might lead to unexpected complications.

Embracing Inclusivity and Accessibility

For a second, step into the shoes of individuals who suffer from vision disabilities.

How are they supposed to navigate around the unfamiliar space? They won’t be able to do this without assisting solutions. Interior signs, equipped with tactile raised characters or writing in Braille, can simplify the wayfinding task even for those who are unlucky to deal with the most severe form of vision impairments.

Elevating Your Brand

For businesses, access to interior signs is just one more way to elevate their brands. Your logo and motto can be added to interior plaques. This way you will engrave your brand into every visitor’s mind ensuring that the potential customer will be able to distinguish you from the competitors. These are very small details from the perspective of relationships with customers but this does not make them less important.

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