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Prophecy, a low-code data engineering platform, recently announced the closing of a $25M funding round.

Prophecy was developed to help organisations and individuals better utilise various data engineering tools to optimise their data engineering processes. By allowing developers and organisations to quickly and easily deploy data engineering solutions, Prophecy opens up new possibilities for data engineering projects.

Let’s examine how Prophecy’s low-code platform helps with data engineering.

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a data engineering tool that makes running and managing machine learning pipelines easier. It enables users to quickly get their models running without dealing with the complexities of setting up and managing clusters. Through features such as workflows, metadata tracking, integrated monitoring, and automated scheduling, Prophecy enables users to reduce the time spent on manual tasks to focus on building more powerful AI models.

The Propel Platform is Prophecy’s main component and consists of three key components: Workspaces, Pipelines, and Reporting Dashboards. Workspaces are used to build custom queries into datasets and design machine learning pipelines in an easy-to-use interface. Pipelines allow users to execute those pipelines against the data in their workspace quickly and reliably on different cloud infrastructure or local machines. Finally, Reporting Dashboards provide insights into how well models are performing by displaying metrics from all executions at once.

By leveraging feature Engineering techniques with large scale distributed compute engines such as Apache Spark or Flink for faster performance on large datasets; Prophecy makes it easy for data scientists, engineers and analysts to spin up powerful AI models quickly and efficiently.

What does Prophecy do?

Prophecy is a data engineering platform designed to help businesses make better decisions. It makes collecting, cleaning, transforming, and analysing data easier for users to gain deep insights into their processes and operations.

By using the powerful tools provided by Prophecy, businesses can leverage their analytical capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs and optimise performance.

Prophecy provides a range of features designed to make data engineering easier. Its integrated workflow allows users to build custom pipelines and automate processes for dealing with data in less time. It also provides extensive visualisation capabilities that allow users to quickly explore meaningful patterns in their datasets. Finally, it includes easy-to-use machine learning algorithms which enable users to identify trends that otherwise may have been missed, leading to more accurate predictions about future trends or events.

Benefits of Prophecy

Prophecy recently raised $25M for its low-code data engineering platform, bringing the total amount of funding to $38M. This platform simplifies data engineering tasks using an intuitive graphical UI and automated workflows.

With Prophecy, users can save time and money while still being able to produce high-quality data models.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the benefits of using Prophecy’s low-code data engineering platform.

prophecy 25m insight partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Low-code data engineering platform

A low-code data engineering platform, such as Prophecy, enables organisations to quickly create technology that can extract and transform data from multiple sources. Using this type of platform helps reduce errors and speed up the process of using data for decision-making. As an organisation has access to more comprehensive data, it can make informed decisions more quickly and easily.

Data engineering components such as Prophecy are designed for automation, so users don’t have to manually handle loading, connecting and transforming the necessary data assets. The platform is built with the goal of simplifying traditional ETL processes that were extremely time-consuming to set up – making it easier to set up a production-ready environment in less time with fewer resources. This allows organisations to focus on other areas such as creating reports or analytics projects apart from the ETL operations in their environment.

Prophecy can help streamline the entire process from ingesting raw unstructured data into a production system, structuring and cleaning it for analysis purposes and then executing transform modules which will facilitate complex transformations needed for advanced databases like Hadoop with subprocessing infrastructures like Flink or Spark. Furthermore, with its user friendly graphical interface, Prophecy simplifies everything down even further providing flexibility in coding while being able to design parallel processes enabling businesses to better manage large amounts of fractionated datasets along with iterative processes within consistent timelines — all while ensuring accuracy at scale while different components within datasets interact simultaneously on various levels allowing relevant investigation and decision making.

Automates data engineering tasks

The Prophecy platform automates key data engineering tasks, such as building ETL pipelines and automating data analytics. Automation helps accelerate the processes involved in transforming raw data into insights. Additionally, Prophecy significantly reduces the need for manual coding and time spent on data engineering projects, enhances scalability, and simplifies the management of complex systems. It also simplifies deployment of models to production.

Prophecy enables businesses to focus more on creating a robust analytics strategy. It helps companies to more easily transform massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into actionable insights that can be used to improve decision-making processes throughout their organisation. In addition, the platform ensures maximum accuracy of analytics results by automatically detecting common errors in code. For example, contextual validation is performed to ensure that all datasets are matched properly with their associated business logic; verified I/O referenced for accuracy; compared against previously approved changesets for compatibility; settings are checked for suitable fit; and execution plans verified for dependencies between tasks before launching them in production.

Increases productivity

Prophecy is a modern enterprise tool that helps businesses increase efficiency, maximise output, and improve collaboration. This predictive analytics software is designed to make workers more productive at any stage of their production process.

By providing immediate insights based on data collected from all sources, Prophecy helps identify improvement opportunities and take proactive steps to reduce slippage or missteps along the way. This allows employees to make decisions confidently, streamline workflows, prioritise tasks and projects more effectively, and ultimately increase productivity.

Additionally, this software tracks everything from how much time staff spends on particular tasks or projects – allowing bosses to better-allocate resources – to when customer orders arrive in-store or at their doorstep ensuring that employee efforts are always targeted in the right direction. Businesses of any size can benefit from Prophecy’s capabilities designed for scalability. A unified workflow helps ensure consistent accuracy and standardisation of processes so that no detail is ever missed or overlooked. From assisting with weekly reporting to providing executives with real-time updates on progress throughout the production process— Prophecy can save time and money while increasing employee efficiency overall.

prophecy 25m series partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Prophecy raises $25M for its low-code data engineering platform

Prophecy, a low-code data engineering platform, recently raised $25 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures. This investment is a testament to the popularity of Prophecy’s platform and how it has become an essential tool for helping organisations with their data engineering needs.

Let’s take a look at how Prophecy helps with data engineering.

How the funds will be used

Prophecy, a data engineering company, has recently announced a $25M raise led by a16z. This will enable the company to expand its current offerings and focus on helping customers build data-driven operations in the cloud.

The funds obtained from this raise will be utilised for continued investment into developing Prophecy’s cloud-based software and engineering platform and driving customer education efforts around data engineering. This allowed Prophecy to extend their APIs and rapidly create new products with immediate impact.

Furthermore, it will also be used to strengthen their existing teams across Product and Engineering to build solutions that enable customers to truly move faster with confidence when working with data in the cloud. Additionally, this capital has been earmarked for further investments into partnerships that bring new features and integrations directly into Prophecy’s suite of solutions.

With Prophecy’s proven expertise, these funds offer great potential for getting customers applications more quickly and securely onboarded in the cloud, making it easier than ever to unleash the power of data.

What the money means for Prophecy

The recent $25 million Series B capital raised by data engineering company Prophecy marks a major milestone in the company’s journey. This latest raising brings total investment to $37.3 million, indicating strong investor confidence in the startup. With a base of 100 customers and ever-growing user base, the money infusion highlights Prophecy’s ongoing success and potential for further development.

The new funds will be heavily invested in improving Prophetie’s platform, emphasising product innovation and new features such as Autopilot data optimization and platform scalability. The funding will also serve towards deepening its foothold in the market by expanding its sales and marketing capabilities and increasing its already-valuable customer service.

On top of this, the extra money means Prophetie can expand its team further into key departments— particularly engineering, product management, customer success –– helping them better support their customers when they need them most. It will give Prophecy more ammunition to attract the right talent too: highly sought after people who can help build out their vision even more quickly.

All these changes mean Prophecy customers can now expect a more comprehensive range of guaranteed services– all designed to increase productivity, reliability and scaling capabilities no matter what size organisation they are or where they are based worldwide.

Potential Impact

Prophecy’s recent success in fundraising to power the growth of its low-code data engineering platform will likely have a huge impact on how data engineering is done today. This is because Prophecy’s platform has the potential to empower businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily build and maintain their data engineering pipelines. This can improve quality and more efficient data processing, making Prophecy’s platform an invaluable tool in many industries.

Let’s take a closer look at what this could mean.

prophecy 25m partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Increased access to data engineering

Data engineering is critical for any organisation wanting to leverage modern data analysis and utilise machine learning or artificial intelligence. As data grows, so does the need for efficient data engineering solutions. Prophecy, an AI-Powered Data Engineering Platform, allows companies to configure and connect their predictive models, enabling businesses of all sizes to access enterprise-scale data engineering capabilities.

The platform leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing that simplifies connecting complex datasets from disparate sources, allowing organisations to quickly create and deploy predictive models. In addition, the deep learning algorithms harnessed by Prophecy are designed to optimise user experience and data literacy levels to help companies make better decisions with up-to-date insights. With increased access to advanced data engineering capabilities supported by deep learning algorithms, businesses can quickly analyse large amounts of data, enabling them to develop better strategies for success.

Furthermore, Prophecy’s platform streamlines development and collaboration with an intuitive interface that helps users organise projects into manageable snapshots based on the size and complexity of their datasets. This allows organisations to simplify development processes and provide improved governance for greater stakeholder transparency. Thus enabling users to easily share analytics insights using interactive visualisations that can be leveraged at scale further down the line.

Improved data engineering efficiency

Data engineering is a key component of data science, enabling predictive analytics and advanced machine learning. Improving the efficiency of data engineering activities can greatly benefit organisations, allowing them to quickly generate insights from their data and stay competitive.

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of data engineering activities. The most obvious approach is upgrading or replacing existing hardware or software infrastructure for data processing. This may include server hardware, operating systems, security tools, or potential cloud storage solutions. Additionally, automation techniques such as robotic process automation (RPA) can help streamline manual tasks and reduce human effort required in data engineering processes.

Another approach to improving the efficiency of data engineering is to use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms that help extract insights more quickly than traditional methods. Finally, leveraging open source software whenever possible and sharing knowledge across various teams can reduce duplicated effort and boost collaboration on complex projects.

Increased data engineering capabilities

Data engineering is a crucial element of modern-day data science. With vast volumes of data being generated and stored everyday, effective management and analysis of the data is key for businesses to utilise insights into their operations. As such, companies are increasingly looking to invest in data engineering capabilities for their data science operations.

Prophecy by Heroix provides a powerful platform for efficient and effective data engineering processes. It enables large datasets to be divided into smaller clusters, so that small teams can work on individual datasets without impacting the entire system. This modular approach allows more efficient organisation and sharing of workloads, leading to improved quality standards.

Moreover, Prophecy allows users to quickly deploy business intelligence systems with almost no lag time involved in deploying or managing software through traditional methods such as manual coding or script-based deployment processes. This benefits scalability and cost control, allowing businesses to scale up or down quickly depending on the demands of changing business scenarios. Furthermore, Prophecy makes it easier to find long-term solutions by providing an expandable architecture that enables businesses to customise their processes over time, with access to an ever-growing library of tools designed specifically for particular classes of problems.

Overall, Prophecy provides a powerful platform for efficient and effective data engineering which has potential impacts for increasing business capabilities across many areas including scalability, cost control and development speed.

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